Zen of the Quit


Abraham Lincoln on Quitting


Actually, I don’t know of a single quote by old “Honest Abe” about quitting, but he did say that “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” (Or words to that effect.)

So what does that have to do with quitting? Let me paraphrase Mr. Lincoln thusly: “For most people, quitting smoking is about as hard as they make up their minds it’s going to be.”

Huh!? Isn’t quitting supposed to be hard? I’ll admit that many of mine were, and I quit too many times to count over 30+ years as an on-again, off-again smoker.

But I’ve discovered that you get to decide how hard your quit is going to be; it’s a matter of attitude, preparation, and attention.

More on this as we go on.

(If you're feeling a bit lost, it may be helpful to go back to the first post and follow along in order.)

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