Zen of the Quit

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What’s the Point?

Really; what’s the point of sitting still, in front of a blank wall, doing nothing, for 20 minutes twice a day? It seems like such a boring waste of time.

Zen Joke

Why couldn’t the Zen monk vacuum in the corners of his room or between the cushions of his couch?

Cataloguing Thoughts

In an earlier post about sitting, I tell you that when thoughts arise, you should notice them, catalog them, and then let them go. What do I mean by “cataloguing” thoughts?

Following the Breath

In an earlier post about sitting, I mentioned that one way of bringing your attention back to the present moment is to “follow your breath,” but I didn’t expand on that concept. Now I will.

What is “non-attachment”?

One of the primary concepts of zen practice is the concept of “non-attachment.” What is non-attachment, and how is it useful to someone who’s quitting smoking?

Why Sit?

There are many benefits to sitting as described in this blog, but as it relates to quitting, the most important may be the development of what Suzuki Roshi described as “imperturbable composure.”

More About Sitting

So, when you’re sitting, you’re going to have thoughts arise, and when they do, you’re supposed to acknowledge them, catalog them, and let them go. But how do you let them go?

The Wizard

One of my favorite movies is “The Wizard of Oz.” I first saw it as a kid, way back in the 60s, and it was just a fairy tale to me then: witches, wizards, talking scarecrows… But the older I got, the more I saw in it.

Being Here Now

The essence of Zen is being here now. In other words, being a conscious participant in every moment of your life, no matter what that moment holds. The essence of quitting and staying quit is the same thing.

Time and a Choice

I can tell you what time it is, wherever you are, whenever you’re reading these words, and it will be 100% accurate every time. Ready?

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