Zen of the Quit

Author: Zeno

Time and a Choice

I can tell you what time it is, wherever you are, whenever you’re reading these words, and it will be 100% accurate every time. Ready?

Sitting Basics

Sit on the floor, with your legs crossed, facing a blank wall about an arm’s length away. Use a pillow or a small cushion to support your butt. If you can do the lotus pose, or the half lotus pose, so much the better.


The other day, I said “sitting really helps with this.” What did I mean by that?

Abraham Lincoln on Quitting

Actually, I don’t know of a single quote by old “Honest Abe” about quitting, but he did say that “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” (Or words to that effect.)

Two-Step Quit Plan

If you follow this simple two-step quit plan, you will never smoke again.

Nothing Special

American Zen Teacher Charlotte Joko Beck wrote a book in 1993 titled “Nothing Special: Living Zen.”

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