Zen of the Quit

Month: June 2021

Zen Joke

Why couldn’t the Zen monk vacuum in the corners of his room or between the cushions of his couch?

Cataloguing Thoughts

In an earlier post about sitting, I tell you that when thoughts arise, you should notice them, catalog them, and then let them go. What do I mean by “cataloguing” thoughts?

Rationalizations, continued

Rationalizations are simply a mechanism we use to try and make the lies we tell ourselves about our smoking behavior seem plausible. When we quit, if we have allowed these rationalizations to go unchallenged, they will come back to haunt us.

Following the Breath

In an earlier post about sitting, I mentioned that one way of bringing your attention back to the present moment is to “follow your breath,” but I didn’t expand on that concept. Now I will.

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