Zen of the Quit

Month: April 2021

Reasons, Pro and Con

I already suggested you start listing the reasons why you want to quit; now I will suggest that you also list the reasons why you want to keep smoking. Why?

More About Sitting

So, when you’re sitting, you’re going to have thoughts arise, and when they do, you’re supposed to acknowledge them, catalog them, and let them go. But how do you let them go?

The Wizard

One of my favorite movies is “The Wizard of Oz.” I first saw it as a kid, way back in the 60s, and it was just a fairy tale to me then: witches, wizards, talking scarecrows… But the older I got, the more I saw in it.

Why Quit Anyway?

This might seem like a silly question, but it’s actually a very important one; if you don’t know why you want to quit, it’s going to be much harder to stay free once you do.

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